10,000 Patriots

October 15, 2015: Exactly 5 Months ago when Kalayaan ATIN ITO was launched in Batanes. Sulu, Tawi-tawi, Basilan and less than 10 other provinces nationwide remained to be visited by the group. Surely before the end of the Month, conducting information drive regarding the West Philippine Sea to all the 81 provinces will be done.

As of today, around 10,000 youth, mostly college students already volunteered to join the 30 days patriotic voyage (FREEDOM VOYAGE)starting November 30 (Bonifacio Day) to December 30 (Rizal Day)

Bringing the youth volunteers to Kalayaan Island Group Municipality in Palawan and providing their needs for 30 days will be VERY EASY if ALL OF US who wants to fight for our sovereign rights at the KIG will help like a TRUE FILIPINO PATRIOT.

Those of us who can afford to spare a penny are mostly busy with our careers and businesses that’s why we understand if you cannot be physically present in Palawan for 30 days to help peacefully assert our sovereignty at the KIG. That’s why we are appealing to you to help bring our youth volunteers to Palawan. Your help will be equally important for the success of this fight as of those who will actually go to Palawan.

Let us show to the whole world that we Filipinos are capable of UNITING and that our sense of PATRIOTISM is as admirable as the best countries in the world.

NOTE: As of today, and as a principle, we do not allow government and politicians money to be infused into this project. Instead, we wish to involve the 100M Filipinos because this is our FIGHT. Our sovereignty, economic progress, national security and dignity as Filipinos have been challenged, trampled upon and we are in the verge of losing it if we continue to do nothing.



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